Monday, October 27, 2014

Nelson Place Schmatic Design Update

not a lot of people here at Nelson Place here tonight
presentation is here

have committee look at schmatic design
project overview ahead of December vote
budget review Nov. 5-Dec. 5
update and vote Dec. 8
MSBA submission Dec 11
bid out next fall
break ground spring 2015
Lots of meetings with the WPS admin, school, fire, ConCom
"plan that meets those needs mentioned in all those meetings"
buses staged or in line (down to 8 buses)
now putting buses at midlevel of school at center lobby
library off center entrance (can be used alone at night)
combined cafeteria/auditorium with stage
two story building, upper and lower levels, K on lower level next to gym
4th & 5th grade level
similar floor on second level 2&3, 5&6th
primarily constructed out of brick, "trying to keep the scale down to the neighborhood"
site plan is similar to earlier: main traffic comes in at lower end
about eight buses can line up, loop around and leave on back of building
parents through other entrance
maintained 140 spaces
cars at lower and upper area
bike and pedestrian walk out to Romula
vegetation along Nelson Place and Red Wing
required setbacks on wetlands are being respected
play areas on lower area; kindergarten on upper area next to classroom
staged takedown of current building

Q: when will trees be coming down?
"construction manager at risk"
some things could be started earlier than spring of 2016
note that there is no project until it is approved by MSBA (probably January meeting)

Q: back parking lot?
reduced by 10 spaces

Q: any other changes that neighborhood should be aware of?
No changes that will impact neighborhood
path of ten feet of pavement, not lit,
"to keep that very much a path is what we are looking to do"

Q: what about hazards that are in current building while it is being taken down?
procedures and regulations in place for that
as was done at North, for example
preblast analysis of neighboring buildings, then after

Q: delivery and exit: commercial delivery and exit?
Yes. Box trucks for deliveries over course of week (not generally tractor trailers)
UPS, Fedex, milk

Q: will parking lot be lit at night? and what sort of fencing?
chain link fence during construction at limit of work
most of neighborhood looking for fence along property line after; 3 foot chain link
detention areas on site for water
parking lot is lit at night, but low lighting, so it's not intrusive

Q: appreciate effort to keep lower profile, but "very much of a box"
haven't shaken out what it looks like at all
"good point, super important"

Q: plan brings in fill to create a ramp of eight feet; drastic
Can't go beyond five percent slope, as it is a public way

Q: visitor parking?
adjoining main entrance

Q: student dropoff for how long?
"Fast and organized"

Q: overtime?
city ordinances, usually 7 to 3, pay based on regular hours
"nobody wants to have that"

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