Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Finance and Operations: bus contract

Allen: not complete, hope to complete in mid-December for bid in January
provided what we're working on at this time
(also current bus specs: both large and special ed)
SBC looking at different bus scheduling; also consolidation of routes; not done yet
also will offer as a single contract (due to market conditions), rather than split of special ed and regular buses
thinking about changing in the technology that have occurred: real time GPS and real time video
looking at drop-down tire chains, given weather conditions
(WPS buses have drop-down tire chains now)
also block heaters to be sure buses will start
updating fuel adjustment clause: still monitoring what price will be over next five years
adding language around fingerprinting
use of buses during school day for athletic transportation
change specification of what a special education bus is
requesting today that School Committee authorize the bid for five years (needs both School Committee and City Council approval)

Foley: "you may be able to save money as a district, but it may not be advisable"
"at what price?"
there are implications to some of the cost savings measures

Ramirez: do you take into consideration population trends?
Allen: under current structure, it isn't necessary due scheduling, to look at shifts in enrollment
but if we changed how we scheduled buses, we'd need to
once you've entered a fiscal year, if you use the per trip rate, you'd be stuck, essentially

Novick:survey of parents would be great, could we do that?
where are we at with WRTA? still talking. Suggestion of if we need to send someone into Boston to buy CharlieCards from the MBTA

Foley: real time GPS tracking would be great
starting buses in colder weather

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