Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Joint Committee: captial budget

Zidelis: FY15 capital budget as voted by Council
"self-supported projects"
what we have is what our projects
$27M is city borrowing
required to pay the debt
Novick: proportionality of a budget that spends $26M while allocating $4M to the WPS
Zidelis: master plan will point out work going forward
Foley: annual take a look at facility plant needs going forward
build a budget that reflects that on an annual budget
Allen: being very deliberative around facilities master plan
Zidelis: joint maintenance program of new boilers, etc
maximize new resources: may make more sense to contract with the school department
Toomey: any financial impacts through DEP and EPA?
Zidelis: underlying cost of water and sewer is calculated into net school spending
Toomey: ESCo has really paid off
Allen: looking long term, expecting to see savings

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