Tuesday, October 28, 2014

FY15 first quarter

projected deficit of $192,459
added two classroom teachers due to class size and 21 secondary sections
surplus in IA account as some services have been migrated back into district (hasn't happened yet; balances out with contracted services, not happening yet)
added six literacy tutors to provide some assistance to address class size
custodial has a balance overset by overtime
deficit in nurses; change in essential health grant reimbursement
transportation showing "significant savings" ($175,000) use of appropriately sized vehicles
health insurance showing a $176,000 balance as the off cycle retiring plan actual effect
workers comp showing deficit fo $198,000 (better than some years!)
trade-off mentioned above in personnel services
unemployment comp: will change as we get better enrollment numbers (greater than what is budgeted, which is always an estimate, and offset in health insurance)
utilities showing a $300,000 deficit; demand surcharge on natural gas
excluding charter school change, we'd have a balance
due to charter school change, instead a $200,000 deficit

so far only 11% of the FY15 budget has been spent

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