Monday, October 20, 2014

State of the Schools

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Boone: thanks to Worcester Educational Collaborative, School Committee, Mayor Petty, and City Manager Augustus (which is, the first time the City Manager has been in attendance).
"did experience some concern...that there was never a sequel to The Little Engine That Could"
citation of colleges graduates attend
variety of schools available within WPS
CPI goals per NCLB waiver (all for 2016-17)
AP participation in WPS: in 2008, 644 students taking at least one AP
in 2014, 1270 students taking at least one AP
percent of students receiving qualifying scores on exams
nearly doubling number of students earning a 5: maintaining scores
since 2007, South High has increased 137% in number of tests taken, while those earning 3 or above has increased by 110%
from 2007 69.8% graduate in four years; 2014 73.4% graduate in four years
8 schools Level 1; 12 schools Level 3; 22 schools Level 3; 2 Level 4 schools
45% of schools are Level 1 or 2
note that both Norrback and Union Hill are now Level 1 (and Union Hill exited Level 4 status last year)
of 7 high schools, 3 made targets on graduation rates, 2 for dropout rates
28 schools on or above target for student growth in ELA
24 schools on or above target for student growth in mathematics
Both Union Hill and Chandler Elementary both exiting Level 4 status (Chandler Elementary pending state approval of exit assurance plan)
"we don't have to wait for the state to come in to tell us"
West Tatnuck commended for high progress and for narrowing proficiency gaps
Worcester Arts Magnet: Gateway Cities Innovation Award
Burncoat High one of the Washington Post 100 most challenging high schools
GROWTH COUNTS : no longer on the list to get charters
innovation schools: "portfolio of educational options"
magnet schools, health pathways, vocational pathways, now innovation schools
new to WPS: increasing partnership with higher ed
PILOT HIGH SCHOOL ACADEMY FOR Advanced Learners at Doherty starting with at least 9th, possibly 10th grade, 250 students, rigorous admission standards, more to come in November SC meeting
report of the exam/IB here
seeking business support for a Business Fellow to link between K-12 and business
switching from quadrant managers to school portfolio manager and will request from School Committee for FY16 the addition of a manager for career exploration and readiness
(this is a reorganization of the Quadrant office and would add a position there)
Traditional Masai greeting: "And how are the children?"
what would it mean for us all if that were our greeting: close in Worcester to saying all our children are well

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