Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Finance and operations: custodial staff

Allen: report is here
industry standards with levels
Level 3 the norm for most school facilities
suggests that we need 144 custodians working 8 hours just on cleaning
we have 138 assigned; senior custodians don't spend all their time doing cleaning (so lose half time), other custodians do likewise; added back overtime for when students aren't in building
short the equivalent of 22.3 positions
"many of the schools look very good, despite this gap"
"work that was done this summer was exceptional to get things ready for school"
"we can make this analysis for any area of our budget"
Novick: part of larger question of what an underfunded budget looks like
collecing a sheaf of reports to share with delegation, foundation budget commission
Allen: numbers available for school plant and maintenance as well
(request for report)
Foley: version of student/teacher ratio
"we may be doing well but we aren't prospering"
Ramirez: difference of new buildings?
Martin: new equipment in new schools
ride-around, rather than to have custodians mopping floors
Foley: foresee legislative breakfast

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