Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Closing out FY14

Foley: giving back 48 cents this year
cannot overspend the budget,, but don't want to leave money behind
Allen: final report is in a different format to provide you with the adopted budget from last year, compared to final expenditures
memo is here
"really what happened from June when the School Committee approved the budget to when the fiscal year closed"
closure of Spirit of Knowledge balanced out by increase of autism services
spent more on transportation (via on McKinney-Vento), thus increasing the city's NSS gap
put that in context with the answer from the previous meeting
Novick: bring some realism to the notion that we're saving money on utilities due to ESCo, as we are not
Foley: ESCo quality of life repairs
Allen: chillers, leaking roofs; avoided having to use MSBA for those repairs
actual savings: still working with the city on how those can be quantified
can we attribute a reduction of what we would be paying otherwise?

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