Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Joint Committee: Facilities update

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Allen: $8 million matched by $32 million from state on facilities updates (windows, roofs, and boilers)
can tell updates as you drive by the building
in schmematic design phase for Nelson Place
"project is moving right on schedule"
South High has had a senior site visit; MSBA has toured the school
reviewing 108 projects for the core program, we're told
facilities master plan: joint effort between schools and city
internally have done two schools to get a baseline to see what information needs to be collected
pilot contracted out Doherty
what's the best way to proceed?
hope to have by end of FY14
Toomey: creative funding; some question around private funding; is there the same type of investment in technology?
Zidelis: a sale/leaseback: "we continually look for non-conventional ways to fund projects"
Economou: WPI and Doherty: could WPI build a new technology wing for Doherty?
Allen: has been conversation with local colleges from school side. not sure to what extent in facilities, but would pursue if available
Foley: would be difficult for a college to build something for a public school; can bring students onto campus
Toomey: state sells bonds, where are we on that?
Zidelis: that's what we do
Toomey: do we have a breakout of that process?
Zidelis: yes, have that information as of end of FY14; also in auditor's report
Novick: Boston building a new Mattapan High without going through MSBA; bonding out entirely (though possibly not most needed facility at this time)

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