Thursday, October 16, 2014

Naturalization exam

I did a pretty lousy job on liveblogging this one; sorry
O'Connell requests it be a graduation requirment
Ramirez took the exam: information that learned 3rd grade
personal item "We don't want more tests in the Worcester Public Schools"
promote more civic involvement, learn hands on
perspective of many of us that don't think it's fair to have such an exam
motion to file

Novick: Rule 41, cannot refile an item within three months of a negative report out
six months since item was negatively reported out
reason for that is so that if nothing has changed in information within a short time, there is no reason to belabor the conversation
support motion to file

Foley: make certain students are learning civics, not about a test: support motion to file

Monfredo: not about the test: about civics, about importance of voting

O'Connell:I can't find the study he's citing

Boone: application of knowledge, not testing
"unfortunately the adults in this community are not displaying a level of civility" that encourages students to be involved
how we can make it relevant

Motion is filed on a 4-2 vote, O'Connell and Monfredo opposed

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