Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Finance and Operations: auditors' reports

The full agenda is here
The auditors reports are here
Allen: these are the FY13 reports
Mr. Hunt: internal controls
relates to federal award programs; have to check if spend over $500,000 in federal funds
threshhold for compliance auditing is 3% of city total of federal grants
"overall eleven findings:
condensed down into similar findings
additional review of applications of eligibility guidelines: child nutrition
indirect costs: city takes 3%, we have passed 1%
RTTT: spending of funds within 30 days of receipt
"not an exact science, don't expect it to be perfect, would have liked to see less time"
suspension and debarrment: contractors have to be checked
none of the vendors tested were suspensed or debarred; need to have a check in place
Head Start: charging of salaries, breakdown of salaries in terms of what they are ccharged to
need distribution reports (time that person spends on various grants)
"I can tell you that we're in the review process of FY14; will see indirect costs again"
Foley: could be found again
Hunt: report in January, finalized in March; could have been resolved
Foley: as long as we're aware again
indirect cost recovery...grants come through the state to the district?
confused as to why the city says their agent is HUD
Hunt: agency through which you receive the most direct funding is the cognascent agent
Novick: saple size of school lunch?
Hunt: 25, 40 or 60 are sizes
Allen: DESE recommended the centralization of meal application process
initially approved at central level
state believes that will cut down on the error rate
about 16,000 students are eligibility
11,000 through other state eligibility
remainder through income application directly through 6000 (and those are what were check through audit)

Agreed upon procedures
(are the rules being followed)
essentially, a few lines cleaned up
"encountered no difficulties"

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