Thursday, May 15, 2014

Worcester School Committee meets tonight!

sorry for the late post on this: a lot came through with the Friday packet!
You can find the agenda here.
If you start at the end of the agenda, you'll see why executive session is scheduled for 5:30: we have several updates on collective bargaining (I think these are the only remaining open contracts), an update on litigation, and three disciplinary hearings.
Public session begins at 7, with several recognitions.
The Superintendent's report tonight is on innovation schools. Note that these are just the schools that are completing their three year innovation plans this year, not the ones approved since then. It appears from the presentation that all plan to ask for another round; we'll be getting those plans and voting on them in July.
We have the two meetings earlier this week reporting out (my notes on accountability; notes on governance).
A few retirements coming through.
We have two reports on summer programs within and without the schools.
We have a report on the temporary learning centers.
Mr. O'Connell is making several familiar budget-related request around merging or directing use.
A few requests for recognition: the Health Care Career Expo, the Rotary club awards, the 58th annual arts festival (up at the library through the end of the month; go see!), Burncoat High's TAMY nominations for their musical, and (good catch, Mr. O'Connell!) our own Jack Foley, who received the Harrold Award for Community Leadership of the United Way of Central Massachusetts.  
We're being asked to receive the SHINE initiative grant for $5000 for mental health training. 
Burncoat High has a new scorer's table for their gym!
I've asked that we get the capital budget when the City Council does.
And Mr. O'Connell is concerned that individual school committee members could somehow be violating the Open Meeting Law by meeting with administration on the budget (note to those who don't know: an individual member of a board can't violate the OML; it takes a quorum deliberating something under their purview, either together or in sequence)

Tonight at 7!

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