Thursday, May 15, 2014

Legal counsel

O'Connell: times of Prop 2 1/2, share resources for school department by depending less on outside legal counsel
city solitictor office developing expertise in education law
sharing legal non-negotiation resources
Petty: I thought David Moore already did a lot of this for me
Boone: currently, the only outside counsel the schools use is negotiation and special education
"every member of our senior team has the law department on speed dial"
constantly working very closely with HR
"I would need some additional clarity on where we are not using them"
O'Connell: "had more of the work in combination litigation and negotiation"
"when we had more direct" role in administration
"student disciplinary matters"
Boone: I think my assessment is we are using the law department outside the areas identified
O'Connell: not using visibly using law department, areas in which we aren't using legal counsel and we should
Novick: motion to file
Foley: cover this basis very well
duplicate item, due to looking at cost savings and services
O'Connell: if item is pursued at standing committee
item withdrawn

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