Tuesday, May 13, 2014

City of Worcester 2015 budget hearing schedule

subject to change (which I will post when I get them), but here's what Council has. Note that all hearings begin at 4 pm.

May 20
Police Department
Fire Department
Department of Emergency Communications
    Emergency Communications
    Emergency Management
Law Department
    Law Department
    Property & Casualty Insurance
    Court Judgments
Legislative Offices
    City Council
    City Clerk
    Elections Commission
    City Auditor
    Contributory Pensions
    Non-contributory pensions
    pensions: other

May 27
Worcester Public Schools
DPW & Parks
    Off-street parking
    Streets division
    Sanitation division
    Central garage division
    Parks, Recreation, & Hope Cemetery
    Snow Removal
    Street Lights
    Enterprise: sewer
    Enterprise: water
Public Health
Economic Development
    Economic Development
    Worcester Redevelopment Authority
       Union Station
    Workforce Central Career Center
    Marketing Campaign
    Cable Division
    License Commission

June 3
City Manager's Office
    Public Library
     Elder Affairs
City Manager's Office
     City Manager's office
     City Manager's human services
        Human Rights
        Disability Commission
        Veteran's Services
City Manager's Contingency
Human Resources
    Human Resources
    Worker's Comp & Public Safety IOD
    Unemployment Compensation
    Heath Insurance
Administration & Finance
      Budget & Treasurer and Collector
Technical Services
Energy and Asset Management
DCU Center
Debt Services Principal & Interest
Pension Obligation Bonds

Five Point Plan Funds

Capital which hasn't been released yet

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