Friday, May 2, 2014

New principals and assistant principals appointed

We've just received the new principals and assistant principals appointed by Superintendent Boone in our Friday letter.
Jessica Boss, Principal, Chandler Elementary Community School 
 Yeu Kue, Principal, City View Discovery School 
 Mary Labuski, Principal, Flagg Street School 
 Martha Dewar, Principal, Lincoln Street School 
 Caprice Kopka, Principal, Rice Square School 
 Josephine Robertson, Principal, Sullivan Middle 
 Carenza Jackson, Principal, Vernon Hill School 
 Michael Dunphy, Assistant Principal, Belmont Street Community School 
 Lynne-Ann Handleman, Assistant Principal, Chandler Magnet School (ACT) 
 Renee Powers, Assistant Principal, Lake View School 
 Nancy O’Coin, Assistant Principal, Quinsigamond School 
 Caryn McCrohon, Assistant Principal, Tatnuck Magnet School 
Mary Ellen Scanlon, Assistant Principal, Thorndyke Road School 

You can find out more about them at the above link. Nearly all are internal hires.

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