Thursday, May 22, 2014

H 4091 passes the House

I regret to inform you that H 4091 passed the House yesterday, with the only amendment being one that allows for extracurricular activities of one set of schools to be used by students of the other (charter/public).
I am particularly saddened by the 'yes' votes of Worcester Representatives Jim O'Day, Dan Donahue, and John Mahoney, which are votes to allow the Commissioner to push "turnaround" status on our Level 3 schools (by declaring them "challenge" schools; and note that this is most of the schools in Worcester), to take up to 23% of public school budgets and send them to charters (not Worcester now, but no guarantees about later), to allow districts in receivership to use private funds for a two track teacher pay system, and to allow those districts to pass budgets without public transparency.
I can't explain it otherwise. This is an anti-public education vote.
Thank you to Rep. Keefe for her 'no' vote. The 'no' votes may have been in the minority yesterday, but they were right.
I think Rep. Denise Provost of Somerville said it best:

...because what we saw yesterday certainly wasn't.

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