Monday, May 5, 2014

Upcoming dates

A few upcoming dates of interest:
  • Tomorrow, Tuesday, May 6, City Manager Augustus presents his FY15 budget, including the Worcester Public Schools bottom line, to the Worcester City Council at 7 pm at City Hall.
  • Friday, May 9, the Worcester School Committee receives the FY15 Worcester Public Schools budget; it will be up online that evening.
  • Wednesday, May 14, is the May meeting of CPPAC (the citywide parent group) at the Worcester Public Library at 7 pm. I would be shocked if the preceding two things are not a topic of conversation that evening.
  • Thursday, May 15 is the regular meeting of the Worcester School Committee at 7 pm at City Hall. 
  • Monday, May 19 is the public hearing for the preferred option for Nelson Place School's new building. That is at 7 pm at the school.
  • Tuesday, May 20 is the first of three (if history is any indication) of the Worcester City Council hearing the FY15 budget. At one of these, they will be reviewing and passing the Worcester Public Schools budget. 
  • Monday, June 2 is the Nelson Place Building Committee preferred option vote, also at 7 pm at the school.
  • Thursday, June 5 is the first of two Worcester School Committee hearings of the FY15 budget. Those begin at 4 pm at City Hall.
updates as I have them!

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