Thursday, May 15, 2014

administrative merger

consolidation of administrative functions
O'Connell: difficult economic times, look to save funds without loss of service
"one city initiative...overall benefit of all parties...look to accomplish more collectively"
"really suggesting at this look at jointly"
"no agenda in this item...refer without preconditions"
areas in which we can cooperate more
"I don't want this to be seen as editorial...want it to be referred without precondition"
"proving to the voters that we truly act and are 'one city'"
Petty: similar item on the Council on side
conversation..."willing to have more conversation"
Boone: services the schools can provide for the city
"employ nearly three times the staff that the city employs"
licensure of various items
"third largest employer in the city"
evaluation requirements in the city
Novick: procedural question: how to get information from city, for example, are they thinking of internally merging their own departments, as they have several human resources positions in various departments
Petty: meet and set ground rules
Monfredo: I can't type fast enough to write down his extensive list of HR responsibilities within the WPS
Biancheria: with facts and figures...innovations
depends on city for much...much licensure and much schooling
Foley: we welcome bringing this relationship to the joint committee
"clearly, this will not be done prior to the FY15 budget approval"
"unlikely that there would be significant dollars saved here...we could gain some effeciencies"
"no real pot of gold here"

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