Thursday, May 1, 2014

Comments from School Committee on financial plan

Foley: codification of current practices
represent best practices
framework for accountability and expectations
"this is what is to be expected by the administration and the school committee"
like administrative cap: requests a report on comparable cities spending on administration
suggests the practice of bringing the F&O committee and the education committee of the City Council be added
O'Connell: administration's plan does codify practice over several decades
"document that is certainly an excellent compendium of knowledge" (budget)
one part that's important for me to clarify
"that this not be seen as a significant step forward"
argues that it is not
state delineation of administration
does not include others paid out of other accounts
"but are basically administrators"
directors, coordinators,
"some in the budget, some are grants"
"know full well the extent of potential carnage"
"crucial for us as a School Committee to take dollars out of" non-teaching
evaluated carefully
Boone: "I'm certainly not going to engage in a debate" tonight
a district has to have central office functions
"we've heard over and over and again"
MA DESE: page 302 of FY14 budget
"school-based personnel are identified under instructional services" (that includes principals)
central office positions since 2010 have decreased since 2010
Monfredo: budget presentation improving
Biancheria: thank you to adminstration for pointing this out
agree with some points that Mr. O'Connell has made
target on number 7
advocated since day 1 for safety and maintenance
Ramirez: appreciate the long-term budget aspect of that
projections important
student population can
...sorry, I'm in here...
Petty: we have our five point plan on the City Council side
"award-winning's all there"
"spend some time there and it's all there"

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