Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Nelson Place presentation: Feasibility

The public hearing on Nelson Place's options for Feasibility is next Monday at 7 pm at the school.
I've just this afternoon gotten the presentation that the DPW will be making of the options that evening. Please take a look, and come prepared to speak to the proposals.

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Unknown said...

Having read the proposals for May 19 public meeting I am amazed at the amount of 350 parking spaces for an elementary school. This at the expense of destroying woodlands and encroaching on the neighbors. Totally unnecessary 200 "event" spaces for programs that occur and have occurred without problems in all schools 2-3 times per school year. The elaborate traffic routes around the building will still result in all of the cars and buses converging upon entry and exiting as well as safety concerns. Thank you. M. Foley