Thursday, May 15, 2014

Innovation schools: presentations

Note that the presentation tonight is on the schools that are completing their innovation plans, which were for three years. You can find the presentation online here. Those schools are:

  • Chandler Magnet
  • Goddard School of Science and Technology
  • Goddard Scholars (at Sullivan Middle)
  • University Park Campus School
  • Woodland Academy
Boone: initial cycle report of the first round of innovation schools
new schools, conversion schools, academies
six areas of autonomies: curriculum, professional development, scheduling and calendar, staffing, budget, district policies
2011: 13 schools were innovation status--5 in Worcester, 4 conversion, 1 academy
full approval by School Committee after prospectus approved
"what makes the autonomies allow for something different in that school?"
required to report annually the progress of those schools
Governor Patrick: Claremont receiving innovation fellowship grant to prepare a full proposal to be considered by the School Committee
"we've taken on the aspect of innovation in a very serious manner in Worcester"
"show that a district can turn around its own schools without having an outside vendor come in and do it"

Chandler Magnet
Dual Language Program, K-6
reading and writing program; ELL strategies; metalinguistic strategies; block scheduling for grade level meetings; committee to select new staff
dual language students at benchmark in their native language as assessed by Fountas and Pinell; at or approaching benchmark in their second language
all contractual time flextible: "collective commitment and ownership" of plan
teachers trained in ELL and/or ESL
growth within student cohort
will expand dual language to 4th grade next year
expand use of visual materials and use of technology

Goddard School
new electronic report card
literacy module K-3; focus on writing across the content; 40 min targeted intervention; multi-sensory early literacy; AVID for elementary; committee to select new staff; faculty and community partners
not only gaining on literacy; knocking down tardiness
collegial rounds coming
revise governance board for broader representation
community partnership for after-school and summer

Goddard Scholars Academy (in Sullivan Middle)
cohort in grade 6
gifted and talented presentations;pre-AP training'flexible scheduling for enrichments
50% average family attendance at family events
broaden applications for admission
planning for a summer institute
increase grants and fundraising

rigorous course of studies for college readiness
redesign of senior year; training for new staff; gateway performances for grades 8,10,12; committee selects new faculty; summer transition academies; before school AP courses
increase in four year graduation rate: 89.7-->100%
now 114 AP students in 9 courses
further integrate technology; focus on umeracy; grants; partnerships for internships; expand APs

curriculum and professional development
monthly early release for professional development; teacher-led PD; full day preschool for 4 year olds; inclusion for special ed and ELL; supplementary innovation grants; direct oversight of student transfer; governance board
attendance has stabilized at 96%
increase to 87% of students "following core values"
student growth percentages higher than state and district on MCAS
increasing parent attendance at conferences
increase network with community partners; support for school (per demographics); increase opportunities for rounds and lessons; develop and refine student-specific Tier 2 interventions

reauthorization: can petition for extention of not more than 5 years
leadership convenes a stakeholder group to discuss revision and solict recommendations
stakeholder groups by June 20
present proposed changes to superintendent (as provided by statute)
present to School Committee by July 2014

Rodrigues: ownership of school community; commend for a job well done

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