Saturday, May 3, 2014

Worcester Public Schools graduations

Full list of high school graduations with speakers below. Note that both Mayor Petty and Superintendent Boone speak at all high school graduations; all are at the DCU Center at 6 pm unless noted otherwise.

May 22: Creamer Center (Worcester Tech, 10 am); Jack Foley
May 30: Claremont Academy (Clark's Atwood Hall); Jack Foley
June 3: South High; Dianna Biancheria
June 4: Doherty; Brian O'Connell
June 5 is a budget hearing and School Committee
June 6: North High: Hilda Ramirez
June 9: Burncoat; John Monfredo
June 11: Worcester Tech (4 pm); President Barack Obama
June 11: Adult Learning Center (Forest Grove, 7 pm); Dianna Biancheria
June 12: University Park Campus (Clark's Atwood Hall); Tracy Novick

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