Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Councilors on the budget

thanks for hearing what the education committee have heard and for F&O
"worked together, have a better understanding of the school budget"
"we're all moving in the same direction"
"working together"
"there was a time a few years ago where we were talking $24M in cuts"
"a stable budget"
"shows where we're going in our future, with the one city approach"
glad to see $1.1M towards the schools
"any year you take off is a year in the life of our children"
references Prop 2 1/2...enrichments were all stripped away
"we're not in the boat"
"devil is always in the details"
"always enjoy talking with Mr. Zidelis about these issues, because he doesn't sugarcoat it, but he tries to get it done"
"what a difference the budget sessions"
greater insight to school and council
"thrilled and most grateful for what has been preserved"
"still nothing to celebrate"
future business in city
motion to refer budget to budget committee, to begin next week

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