Thursday, May 1, 2014

Seven Point Financial Plan for Advancing Student Achievement and Program Sustainability: presentation

...which can be found here
Boone: five years of strong financial practices:

  • creation of F&O
  • district review committee
  • open budget process to engage all stakeholders
  • reallocation of millions of dollars to instruction
  • received the Meritorious Budget Award
codify what is in place
first five already in place; last two set priorities
  1. Long Term Budget Planning: use ASBO's criteria with history and projections for the future
  2. Annual Budget Review: zero-based budget review
  3. Transparent Budget Process: resource allocation by location; frequent updates throughout the process
  4. Quarterly Finance Reporting: through F&O subcommittee "has been touted as an example across the state"
  5. Supplemental and Sustainable Programs: new programs or initiatives "developed, supported, or funded" by grants must have a multi-year grant
  6. Cap on administrative spending: multi-year history of placing as many dollars as can be to the classrooms; "since 2010, administrative positions have decreased 15%" while teachers, IAs, and nurses have all gone down; 63% less than the foundation budget allocation for administration
  7. New revenues: for instructional, student or school support, school safety, building maintenance, or student transportation
Guiding document for district financial practices

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