Friday, January 1, 2016

Most read in 2015

Unless I suddenly start getting a lot of traffic on a blog post I wasn't I expecting, I don't pay a lot of attention to my analytics, but here's my once-a-year look at what was most read.

As usual, the top hit is just the front page, meaning that there are a lot of you who just come by to see what's new. That's increasingly unusual these days; most blog traffic is driven by links. I appreciate--and will try to stay attentive to--the faith that I have something new and worth reading up!

  1. The single post with the most hits (not surprising, given last year's weather) was this post on how snow days and the Worcester Public Schools calendar works. That was an evolving post, as I fielded questions about how the calendar works and how WPS was going to deal with the days off. With luck, we won't need that information so urgently this year!
  2. Governor Baker's FY16 budget proposal and its impact on urban districts had the second highest number of hits this year. YES, YOU SHOULD BOOKMARK THIS ONE FOR THIS YEAR!
  3. This one seems to be caught in a bigger search: "special education" brings you the interviews for a new special education director back in 2012. 
  4. Given that the national Massachusetts education story was on testing, it makes sense that the liveblog of the Board of Ed's deliberation on that decision would make this list.
  5. For a bit the only place with any public information on this was here: the proposal to make Chandler Magnet's field a parking lot for Worcester State
  6. My notes from the March 5 update on North High at Worcester School Committee saw a lot of traffic.
  7. I posted my testimony before the Board of Ed on MCAS or PARCC. 
  8. Governor Baker appointed two new members to the Board of Ed in September, and Google is our friend on these.
  9. Baker's inaugural a year ago had some language on education, but not much for the education of most kids. 
  10. ...which was borne out a month later by his choices in midyear budget cuts
It's always interesting to me to see the mix of Worcester and state on these. As I said earlier, my blogging on Worcester will continue, but will be more focused on the superintendent search and the budget; the state blogging will continue...and more to come on that. 

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