Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Please share this with every family you know who will send a kid to college

Not enough people know this:
If a bright-but-poor student wants to go to college, it may be cheaper to shoot for a highly selective school, the study found.
A student in the lowest 20 percent of income had significantly lower out-of-pocket costs for college—even after including room and board—if he or she attended one of the most selective colleges, at an average of $6,754 per year. The cost to attend a less-competitive college, by contrast was nearly four times higher, at $26,335 per year.
The "bottom line" on colleges isn't the "tutition/room/board" number printed somewhere in all of those flyers you got in the mail (or found the website). The bottom line varies widely by student, and highly selective colleges have more aid to give.
The "True Merit" report on which the EdWeek article is based is online here

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