Monday, January 25, 2016

Did Mayor Walsh call for direct state funding of charter schools?

I think he did (emphasis added):
Mayor Martin J. Walsh wants the Legislature to change the way charter schools are funded, saying the current formula pits district schools against charter schools, City Hall’s education chief told Boston Herald Radio yesterday.
“Right now, the financing formula — in particular, reimbursement around charter schools — does pit our district schools against charter schools for resources,” Rahn Dorsey said during Boston Herald Radio’s “NewsFeed” show. “And what we’ve asked in our proposal to the Legislature is: Let’s decouple that. Let’s get rid of the reimbursement formula, and will the state be the direct payer to charter schools, the schools that they authorize? They are more than welcome in Boston, but we want to make sure that cities aren’t burdened with what we think is the state’s financial responsibility there as well.”
Direct payments, Dorsey said, would automatically save the city some money.
“That’s not new money that we’d have to pay up front in our charter assessment, say, if you get rid of the reimbursement,” he said. “So that would help immediately and preserve some money that we need to invest locally. ... We know that over the past several years, the reimbursement line has been underfunded by the state. That’s part of the challenge that we face in Boston and that other places face. I think the Legislature would want to also know how do we make sure that we have the revenue to support that.”

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