Thursday, January 21, 2016

The Board of Ed meets next week

The Board of Ed meets next week. You can find the agenda here
As the Commissioner has recommended Southbridge for receivership, the Board's Monday night portion is a public hearing on state receivership in Southbridge. It starts at 4:30 and is in the auditorium of their administration building at 25 Cole Avenue. The Commissioner has repeatedly said that he does not anticipate a vote until their February meeting, but note that it is on the agenda for Tuesday morning as well.
The first part of the Tuesday portion is a joint meeting with the Board of Higher Ed. That is at Roxbury Community College in the Reggie Lewis Track and Athletic Center. They're discussing the revised definition of college and career readiness, to include civics, and their other common initiatives.
Sometime after ten, they'll move to their regular agenda. That includes Southbridge, the recommendation that Dorchester Collegiate Charter lose their charter (if you missed it, do read this column from their headmaster, raising some really interesting questions about how we judge schools and what the state actually wants charter schools to do), a few charter school amendments (Benjamin Banneker and South Shore Charter), and a preview of the new charter school applicants. They're also getting the dropout and graduation results from last year. 
They should be sending the digital literacy standards out for public comment and voting on the science and technology standards (finally!). They're also getting an update on the civics conversation including a timetable on revising the history and social studies standards and adding assessments; that would be some sort of a history MCAS. 
They'll have their monthly update on Holyoke and their monthly update on the Level 5 schools.
Not many links in the above, as there aren't many backups posted as yet. They'll have more up as the week goes along. 

I do plan to attend and blog all of the above

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