Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Opening comments: Board of Ed

I should point out that Fryer, due to weather, got stuck out of town and isn't at this meeting.
Chester: very very positive Quality Counts report
releasing educator evaluation ratings today; on agenda for February or March
new student discipline regs
"very promising data from 14-15 year"
also new physical restraint regs took effect on January 1
opening New Year message
asked DoE for reconsideration of "high risk designation"

Public comment:
Dorchester Collegiate Charter group speaking first (this is largely parents)
"just to speak of our kids"
"our school is a very good school...it's a Level 2 school...if we're a Level 2...what's the reason?"
parent says her daughter was bullied and didn't get needed support from previous schools; "she struggled tremendously"
"social-emotional anxiety"
has flourished at DCA
mother: two kids, oldest had struggled with social-emotional
very proud of teacher and staff there
"don't see how the Commissioner can feel that only a child with autism, a child who's deaf or blind is disable. There's plenty of disabilities in this world."
focus on test scores is harmful; "kids think it's their fault"
parent: son previously couldn't tell me what his day was like
hasn't even been there a full year "has turned him around"
"he came in the middle, in the fourth grade, and I already see a big turnaround"
parent: "the staff is great"
feels heartbroken
parent speaking, English is my second language
think about my son, but other kids
"I don't know what to do with my child"
"trying our best to fight for our school, to work to keep the school to be open"
"they're learning how to do so many things"
"they're going to struggle for two maybe three years or more to get back on track"
recorded testimony from a student: "think about what they [parents] have to say, not just about the numbers"

Sagan: most difficult kind of decision this board is asked to make, and we'll weigh it very carefully

Science, technology, engineering standards
speaker is from STEM education curriculum provider
"currently serve really diverse communities"
pending your vote will be releasing new curriculum aligned with your standards
conceptually conversation has fallen a little flat
focused on teaching "about the discipline...[not] nuturing" developing and using knowledge
encourage you to vote to adopt
inclusion of science & engineering practices

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