Friday, January 15, 2016

What's next

Lots and lots of you have asked what I'll be up to now that I am not on the Worcester School Committee.

Here's your answer:

Novick Joins MASC as Field Director

Tracy Novick Photo
Please join MASC in welcoming Tracy O’Connell Novick, a former member of the Worcester School Committee, who joined the MASC staff as a Field Director as of January 11. In addition to her responsibilities as a Field Director, which include providing training and policy services to the Connecticut Valley geographical area, Tracy will also coordinate social media and advocacy activities of the Association. This will include educating members as to the value and use of social media and technology to enhance local communications and advocate on a state-wide level for education issues of concern to the membership.
A lifetime Massachusetts resident, Tracy started her advocacy in elementary school when her mother told her to "tell someone who could fix it" about her concern that McDonalds had stopped serving root beer. Tracy has been attempting to tell someone who could fix it ever since, first as a high school English teacher at Algonquin Regional in Northborough, then as a parent of three in Worcester and, most recently, as a six-year member of the Worcester School Committee. An early adopter of blogging and social media, Tracy has shared her coverage of Board of Education and other state meetings with the MASC Listservand other readers. She will continue to report on education-related forums and events in her new role at MASC.

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