Monday, January 25, 2016

And speaking of the Foundation Budget Review Commission

(I know, I know: when I am NOT speaking about the Foundation Budget Review Commission...)

Asked Friday if he supports the Fair Share amendment, Secretary Peyser gave the not-entirely-surprising answer of "no," but then added:
“I don’t think the issues that we face as a Commonwealth here are really about the fact that we don’t have enough revenue. It’s about how we’re using our revenues wisely and well,” he said.
Yes, Secretary Peyser was a voting member of the Foundation Budget Review Commission, which issued a report making abundantly clear that it is lack of revenue, not lack of wisdom, that is plaguing school district finances.
So far as I know, he did not vote against the report, which was issued without a minority report. So, was he incorrect then or is he incorrect now?

And regarding the nonsensical notion that better funding for education hurts the economy, please see Mass Budget.

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