Tuesday, January 26, 2016

New charters will be voted at February board meeting

Board is getting initial information today
Commissioner intially said that they'd be voting in November, to quizzical looks from the Board
there will be four new proposals currently under review:
  • International Academy of Montachusett (this would be Fitchburg)
  • Libertas Academy (Springfield)
  • New Heights Charter (Brockton...yes, more than one of these are "again")
  • Old Sturbridge Village Charter
Sagan: what's the plan on time?
Chester: we'll let you know
Noyce: can only approve Sturbridge and Montachusett (I think?) if we approve the other two as we have to approve lowest ten percent first? 
Question about what happened with schools dropping out: some concern about board make ups, some about prospectuses
Chester: notes that Boston is at their spending cap for caps
about 1200 seats available, hold back about 5% seats as a practice, due to year to year changes
Craven asks how many seats DCA had: 238; Sagan, those would all go back into the count

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