Saturday, January 30, 2016

Worcester Superintendent search this week

A few big things happening this week in the Worcester superintendent search:
  • There are two community forums this week at 7 pm. Tuesday night, it is at Doherty; Wednesday night, it is at North. The item the Community Involvement Committee has for these is "To take testimony relative to the qualities that the staff of the Worcester Public Schools and community of Worcester are seeking for the position of Superintendent of Schools." It appears that this will be it for public involvement in the process, so, if you wish to be involved, that would be the time to get involved. 

  • What's a little odd about this is the Search Committee already has a draft job description of the superintendent, which they are considering, at a meeting that they have scheduled for 7:30 on Wednesday, also at North (so, I'm assuming, following the public hearing). There is also a draft job application, and a draft evaluation form, which they are also considering at that meeting. A few things of note: the job description requires no degree higher than a master's, nor does it require that the person be certified or certifiable in Massachusetts (which I hope is an oversight); a PhD and the (legally required) certification are listed as "desired" capacity. There is also no specific requirement around administrative (or, for that matter, teaching) experience.
  • The application has three essay questions: How do your experiences and education best qualify you to serve as superintendent of the Worcester Public Schools? What is your philosophy of education and how do you envision carrying this out as superintendent of the Worcester Public Schools? What do you anticipate your preliminary or initial goals will be as superintendent of the Worcester Public Schools.
  • <All of this then is reported out at Thursday night's meeting of the Worcester School Committee at 7 pm at City Hall. 

And budget wonks, note: the preliminary numbers for the FY17 budget are the report of the superintendent on Thursday, as well.

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