Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Board of K-12 ed meets with the Board of Higher Ed this morning

Posting from Roxbury Community College where the Board of K-12 Ed meets this morning jointly with the Board of Higher Ed. Agenda for that is here
Liveblogging once the meeting starts at about 8:30
Meeting coming to order
Starting with college and career readiness definition, incorporating civic learning and engagement
using the term "civic preparation"
some of the definition:
"means acquisition of the knowledge, the intellectual skills and the applied competencies that citizens need for informed and effective participation in civic and democratic life; it also means acquiring an understanding of the social values that underlie democratic structures and practices"
much discussion by Commissioners of this being joint work
not being asked to vote today in joint session
Sagan: seems probably non-controversial as so much work was done in and around K-12 board
Peyser: one point which I mentioned is the importance of the study of US history "and our founding documents"
the notion that "we can develop the competencies of citizenship without a knowledge of U.S. history" is lacking
respect for others, respect for variety of thought; thinking "calling out more explicitly"
Sagan: any contradiction with history standards we have?
Peyser: MassCore called out, don't think it's in contradiction
Higher Ed commissioner: important to know how this came out, prompted board to look at this due to lack of knowledge of students about history and civics; haven't seen a state as proactive about civic learning
college rep: "civic participatory skills" sounds like students will become political activists: 'will this make school too political?"
would empower activist teachers
Commissioner: haven't seen any shift in activists due to this initiative (which is being worked out on campus)
comment from Higher Ed to "empower our students to see themselves as participants"
You "participate in civic life because you want to make things better"
(another higher ed member) "strategic in this process...you can pick any -ism that you want...what I heard is 'participation'"
"engaging in the local senior citizen center, engaging" in other volunteer activity
"I really like this...fully aligned...I endorse the document as it is"
Noyce: "endorse this idea of respect of speech and thought"
concerned it "doesn't refer to specific knowledge"
Peyser: thought "foundational documents"
"I think it's a very important distinction...really need to understand what our institutions are, what our underlying...principles are"
"need to know the rules of the road to play"
Harrity "so many chances for communities learning projects"
apologies, by the way: I don't know the Higher Ed board members by sight
another higher ed member "does this framework allow ...for the development of proficient cultural competencies"
assistant commissioner "appreciate those questions"
"beginning stage in our joint work"
"the kinds of issues you brought up are very much part of the discussion we had"
"being able to take the perspectives of others who are different than you...develop empathy"
"addresses the challenge of bringing together people across diversity"
notion of stewardship
"stewards of a tradition of shared government, stewards of working together for a common good"
McKenna; unless we pay attention to this, we're going to have nobody voting in the future
people have different views of strategic change: "I hear referedums, town meetings..."
core civic content: "understand the basics of our government"
"back in the day, this is what education was about"
higher ed member: "skills do really reenforce what employers are asking"
another higher ed member: how much input millenials had in creation of this document? really changing the workforce
might really be surprised at how it's reshaping civic engagement in terms of technology
response: has not been high-level participation to this point by millenials
Sagan: great deal of input of students
Willyard: making sure students had a voice in creation of the document
"at least on ESE side of things" very communicative
Sagan "one of my fun jobs is playing the clock monster"
won't suggest vote today together "think I heard pretty strong support for this"
heard two modifications proposed by Secretary

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