Friday, January 8, 2016

Friday news dump: the 9Cs come in at 4:57 pm

...I kid you not...

I've run through the 9C cuts from Governor Baker over on Twitter under #bakerbudgetcuts (edit: just check the year of the tweets; I used the same hashtag last year). There are four notes on education:
  • The $300,000 in the budget for studying how best to meet our needs for preK has been entirely zeroed out. Again. So much for preschool and early ed expansion; we're not even figuring out how to do it.
  • There is a $75,000 cut in DESE's line item, with no details. That could be an internal, Malden, cut; it also could be cutting something under DESE's discretion. I'm assuming Malden, but I've asked, and I'll update once I hear for sure.
  • Adult basic education has been cut $500,000 (from a $31M line).
  • The innovation grants have been cut $440,000 from 736,898; given that we're halfway through the year, that may be zeroed out. If last year is any measure, however, they'll probably tell us that these grants have not yet been awarded.
There's plenty more, but not in education.

UPDATE: this just in from DESE:

I imagine that would be consultant David Bunker, who was brought in over September to finish the report.

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