Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Civic learning and History/social studies standards: Board of Ed

Chester: I said I would update you with timelines and so forth
plan is to revise history and social studies standards between now and 2018
regional focus groups and review panel meetings between now and next year
draft revised standards by end of 2017
district implements through 2020
development of state assessment at the same time, with state assessment spring 2020

statewide conference this spring: literacy, integrating history, social studies, and civics

proposed budget includes only development of standards, not development of assessment

Peyser; 2020 seems like a long way away
envisions as overhaul rather than tweaks and incremental change
"it seems as though this is far too long a process"
wonder if there are test items that are developed a year before test development is in place
DESE: discussion was that three years was a little ambitious
we'd love if this didn't become a wholesale revisit
initial phase will allow us a more articulated timeline
assessment component: we're aware that there are some things we'll be able to pull from pre-existing work that's been done
essentially, the more public input you want, the longer it's going to take
Peyser: if it's an overhaul of how history is taught and what is included "I think it would be important for us to weigh in rather than let the train leave the station"

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