Thursday, October 18, 2012

Interviews for special education director: Jeffery Lappin

Mr. Lappin:
currently director of sped at Jeremiah E. Burke School in Dorchester
changed to a full inclusion program over past several years

Petty: unique background?
worked at a factory in Fall River, prior to going into education
background in counseling, better to understand students

Monfredo: diverse population?
working with Cape Verdean students at Burke School
students referred for special education if they had difficulty learning English
make sure that those who do qualify get services, but those who do are qualified
mainly worked with students on Asperger's spectrum (autism)

Novick: perspective of special ed teachers?
background in counseling
working closely with academic teams
involved in summer schools, taught in the classroom
understanding difference between theory and practice
"kids don't follow along the theory"
teachers had a different respect for me after that

Colorio: worked with those at district level to resolve an issue?
most appropriate placement
what was best for student, document what student was able to do
make sure academic needs are being met
transition to new program

Foley: true team process?
being involved not just as a director, looking at strategies and supports early on
being part of meeting as a team to start process
observing classroom for student
"I've known the student, I've had conversations with the families"
door always open to families: going in early, staying late
ability to meet with teachers

Biancheria: why Worcester? would you live here?
challenges and advantages of an urban district
way to support all of the students
a lot to offer
"doing a lot of things right"
"upper levels are strong (in Worcester)"
family settled where they are now

O'Connell: balance of needs with limited finances?
"special ed is important, but it's not in a bubble"
sharing resources (teachers sharing PD)
teachers dual certified
"ways to use what we have...experts in the schools"

"large opportunity...working in a variety of the entire district"

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