Friday, October 12, 2012

Jean-Claude Brizard is out in Chicago

Late yesterday, the news broke that by "mutual agreement," Jean-Claude Brizard has resigned as Chief Executive Officer*of the Chicago Public Schools.

Brizard left a position in Rochester, NY to take the job in Chicago less than a year and a half ago, after a contentious period there. It appears that the Chicago teachers' strike in which Brizard was largely absent as an actor caused his downfall.

Somewhat remarkably (and no, I'm not being sarcastic), Barbara Byrd-Bennett, who is currently the acting Chief Education Officer and will be stepping up to Executive Officer, is a former teacher. Byrd-Bennett also does not plan to replace anyone in the Education Officer position, performing the function of academic leader personally.

And speaking of Brizard, the latest edition of Rethinking Schools has a piece on Broad Academy graduates (which went to press prior to this announcement).

*Chicago does not have a superintendent, and, in fact, has had several CEOs who have not been qualified to be superintendent. It appears that they may finally be getting one.

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