Thursday, October 4, 2012

Update on special education hiring

Three semi-finalists interviewed
(there were four, but one accepted a position before the interviews)
Setting a date for final interviews at October 18 meeting
So the question here should we interview those three or should we interview only whatever the strongest recommendation is from the interview committee, possibly only a single person
O'Connell suggests that we interview the three that were interviewed as finalists, expressing some concern that only four were finalists
Boone clarifies that more than four applied, but only four met standards set by School Committee
Novick: notes from July 19 demonstrate that we already voted this: 4-3 multiple candidates; motion for a single candidate failed 3-4
Petty speaks to work of committee, strength of endorsement from them
O'Connell: perception that the fix is in, that it's a coronation, not a real process
Monfredo: put a lot of time and effort into it
O'Connell's motion for multiple candidates passes, 4-3 (again)
Time to be determined after consulting with candidates

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