Thursday, October 18, 2012

Motions on special education director

posting as we go
parent of a child with disabilities
relevant experience

MOTION: offer position to Ms. Seale

made great progress over past few years
more relevant background, with progressive responsibility over time
very experienced professional
will know MGL when she starts
a strong sense of collaboration in her background
importance of professional development for staff
reaching needs of each students
"not your children, our children"
moving towards more inclusion, more mainstreaming
transition children out of our school district

Monfredo: seconds the motion
someone who can work well with our staff, parents, community

O'Connell: three very fine people this evening
glad to interview all three
put in background each
each would bring to Worcester...a range of talents
running through the background of each of the three finalists
agrees with his colleagues: will support Seale
MGL distinctive in Massachusetts: experience
sympathy for students, interest in students, range of experience with various students
economics of special education: "cost based sensitive manner"
"we gain by selecting one of these three, lose by not having all three"
"true genuine support for students"
"what is in the best interest of all the children"

VOTE (on a roll call):
unanimously in favor of Ms. Seale

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