Thursday, October 4, 2012

Innovation School updates

posting as we go
  • Chandler Magnet
  • Goddard Scholars
  • Goddard School of Science and Technology
  • University Park Campus School
  • Woodland Academy
Chandler Magnet
83.5% of students at Chandler Magnet are English Language Learners, over 70% of those Latino
change in focus
"build background knowledge and increase vocabulary development to help students make connections"
change in focus from last year's focus on literacy
"accelerate literacy and language across all curricula"
guided reading across grade levels
"took our existing strengths and built upon them"
dual language implemented last year for grades K and 1; grade 2 added this year
parent trainings, movie nights, PTO in a variety of settings
no stagnant or declining MCAS scores; even better in MEPA (which assesses ELL students)
"discourse in our building is non-negotiable"
Next steps: parent workshops, stakeholders meetings, expanding community partnership, PBIS program
Goddard Scholars (which is at Sullivan Middle)
"teacher-led innovation plan"
"City-wide magnet program serving gifted and talented middle school programs grades 6-8"
online gradebook
three years of middle school "allowing for more depth and more rigor"
six subjects considered core classes: math (4 years in 3), social studies, science (with lab), English, music (including band), foreign language (full level 1 course in either Spanish or French); technology, field trips, gifted and talented classes
"also benefit from the wraparound coordinator"
staff expanded to nine full-time teachers (as they added grade 6 this year)
high student growth percentiles
challenges: cross curricular projects and exhibitions of learning
culture and team building among staff and students
using new digital resources
gifted and talented education for all teachers
Goddard School:
"collaboratively build a neighborhood structure that supports students in the Main South Community from cradle to college and career"
innovation governance board, increased training, shared vision
"read, respond thoughtfully, comprehend!"
"new comprehensive progress reporting tool" that is differentiated by grade level, unpacks all subject areas in parent friendly language, includes lots of data, rubrics and teacher narrative
reports came out 8 times a year; students participated in parent/teacher conferences
early childhood literacy: addition of two preschool classes, monthly literacy workshops for neighborhood children and day cares
"working to build family participation in the school"
increased health center options for preschool and kindergarten options
GED and ESL classes offered to adults twice a week (each)
Next steps: expanding working in math, focusing on implementation; multi-sensory literacy program in pre-K through grade 2; professional development to differentiate instruction; revitalize PTO, increased classes for adults; collaborate with other innovation schools

University Park Campus School:
Goddard started with a quote from Robert Goddard; UPCS starts with one from Walt Whitman
grades 7-12 heterogeneous classes
"student-centered, active of the whole child"
numeracy curriculum for 8th graders
expanded AP before school
new classroom technology "wifi in little 12 Freeland Street built in 1884"
8th, 10th, 12th Gateway presentations
8th grade math seen as a success
hiring: "sense of pride and ownership in getting to decide who is part of the team"
challenges: to raise SAT and AP scores; maintain math score gains; outside grant funding for before and after school programs
Numeracy across the curriculum; new after school clubs; Pinpoint computer use (from Houghton Mifflin); continue partnerships; and parent council

Woodland Academy:
I should mention that we have a group from Woodland up in the balcony tonight, and now they all have World Smile Day stickers.
"we welcome and celebrate our students' diversity while advocating for their support"
"where teaching and learning is characterized by engagement, awareness, curiosity, and academic risk taking"
"collaborative approach to the hiring process"
wraparound coordinator: social-emotional, academic, college & career readiness
organic model of professional development
Next steps: reorganize ELL "push-in" model using collaborative teaching model; redesigning progress reports and report cards
one of the areas of the report card is "character development" which includes children being graded on respect, cooperation, responsibility, dedication, curiosity, compassion/empathy, perseverance  honesty/integrity, courage, and independence

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