Tuesday, September 22, 2015

TLSS meeting: notes

agenda is here

middle school honors program: morphed to questions on math pilot
Monfredo: would like to hear the middle school honors programs
have responded to actual motion made
O'Connell: probably going to find challenges on MCAS scores on testing, reading between the lines
anything that we're addressing those?
Rodrigues: PD institutes targeting grades 7 and 8
which in turn thus focuses on subject areas
Motion to FILE

use of science kits
information about how science kits are used as asked in Friday letter
Science for Scientists: two pilots
18 visits by scientists during the year
Monfredo glad to see strengthening elementary science
Motion to FILE

academic eligibility standards for sports
waiver which was done
Monfredo: I think we've hit all the areas in the past
Motion to FILE

secondary open houses
dates and times are all schedules and are staggered
one common brochure of all secondary schools
all fifth and sixth grade parents will receive two calls letting them know about it
"and we're going to send some tweets out"
"will be a nice event"
every high school has a different selection of courses
saying to parents "it's okay to shop"
Motion to FILE

approval of new courses (from January) which has enrollment numbers
Monfredo: satisfied with numbers?
Rodrigues: so far as courses being there for the schools
pipeline, different needs for different times at different schools
"how do they incorporate that within the life of the school"
Motion to FILE

approval of 2014 courses
Monfredo: at some point send us the enrollment, please
courses are developed by the school, teacher and principal interest, or the curriculum liaisons
Motion to FILE

AAA School safety patrol program
working with Safe Routes to School
pedestrian safety training in second grade
Motion to FILE

school choice
Monfredo: do we have any feedback from parents and what are other things we can do?
Rodrigues: don't have specific feedback from parents who choose to go elsewhere
set forth what qualities we have, let parents know that they have options
advertise more and more that you can go anywhere you wish to go
other side of that is do we have room
limited space to even expand any grade level
Open house concept really expand how we market all the schools to all the parents
child interested in math and science: pipeline to North for partnership with UMass Med
"through grade 12 and beyond"
people looking to buy a house in Worcester, information available
coordinate with City Manager to have a whole component about Worcester
have snapshots of what Worcester is about
bring back information and report in the spring

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