Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Autism endorsement

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Chester: had received comments around four general areas
revised version of June regulations
request vote to adopt
initially available only to special education teachers; discuss with others on if it should be extended to regular classroom teachers
mainstreaming students as much as possible: not going to happen without endorsement
endorsement not required by state: districts could require
renewal cycle is an operational change
alternative pathways to the endorsement: one for teachers who hold one from another state, another demonstrating subject matter knowledge
McKenna: a lot of conversations around this, I think we landed in the right place
"something that all teachers need to have, but" needs a different process
Doherty: concerns that were brought to me by MTA. Appreciate changes that have been made to meet concerns. Thought there would be a chance for MTA to sit down with the department to discuss the differences, which didn't happen until last Thursday. Very little discussion. MTA still not satisfied "but it is what it is"
response: know that next phase requires a "high degree of stakeholder involvement"
"we're not done yet by any stretch of the imagination"
passes with Doherty abstaining

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