Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Governance and Employee Issues

Agenda is here

Wellness policy relating to Safe Routes to School
The district will support active transport to and from school, such as walking or biking. The district will encourage this behavior by engaging in activities such as: designation of safe or preferred routes to school, promotional activities such as participation in International Walk to School Week, National Walk and Bike to School Week, secure location for storage of bicycles and helmets, instruction on walking/bicycling safety provided to students, promotion of safe routes program to students, staff, and parents, and documentation of numbers of children walking and/or biking to and from schools.

home rule petition to permit the award of civil service appointment to provisional custodians
Brophy: not only custodians, other employees, and not only WPS, but City
Monfredo: send to City manager

tax exempt status on a simple and expedited basis for PTOs
they're their own independent entitiies
circulate the information but find out if they're independent

Clark Street library, name it after Eileen Barbieri

homeschooling language for the policy handbook
which was already approved and is in the handbook for this year

social media policy was put out in a bulletin and was reviewed with employees
policy was passed by School Committee previous year BUT was not sorted out with EAW prior to this year, so was distributed and reviewed for this school year
motion to file

Superintendent's evaluation: to include outgoing members in the evaluation of superintendent
(in other words, those who worked with the Superintendent are those who evaluate the superintendent)
point by Foley and Monfredo that this shouldn't happen, anyway, as we're supposed to evaluate the superintendent before members leave office
language that the offer is made, but outgoing members may if they choose

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