Thursday, September 17, 2015

Questions on opening of school

Petty: what does a level enrollment do to us?
Allen: level enrollment, would essentially make our budget flat for next year
currently inflation factor is negative "for the second time ever"
that would drive down our foundation budget
once we have the enrollment number and the inflation number, we'll know our foundation budget
Petty: how many have solar panels?
North had them built in, Worcester Tech has them, somewhere between five and seven will either have them on the roof or in the parking lot
Petty: savings?
Allen: still doing analysis
see savings in delivery costs, pay city for supplies costs
Monfredo: comprehensive report
additional teachers in the system
still short IAs
expansion of AVID program: would hope for report from AVID
PD; continuing to up the ante on professional training for this year
facilities improvements: makes a major improvement: "first thing they notice is 'wow' this is a nice building to visit"
Worcester Tech lost 35 students: no waiting list?
Boone: no, they could have lost students in grades 10-12, who may have left the area
Monfredo: how many schools have been involved in MSBA?
Allen: 17 so far

O'Connell: human resources did not have a director this summer, yet managed to fill the positions that existed
major effort by staff
testing: issues in the past and continue to be issues for us
enrollemnt at the Technical high school
waiting list "a bit on the artificial side"
vocational side could absorb more students; academic could not "impression of teachers"
school discipline and maintenance of order

Ramirez: administering APs exam: do we know how many pass?
Boone: part of a full report to the school committee
Ramirez: new contract on transportation this year: changes in routing?
Allen: transportation done in-house
Ramirez : students moved from Caradonio to Clark St: reflected in numbers
Boone: are included in overall enrollment
Rodrigues: those students belong to their sending schools

Foley: applaud comprehensive report
work that the budget staff has done for year end and the audit coming up: great job and continue to do so
not sure people know the extent of the work that's been done in our buildings
"a real sense of consideration of the people in the buildings"
"understanding better what we're facing with our facilities"
Nelson Place work?
Allen: perhaps due to neighborhood meetings, smooth flow
neighborhood contacts
better traffic flow: really going on schedule and very smoothly
credit to people like Julie Lynch for getting out in front

Biancheria: supplies?
Allen: provided by enrollment of previous year
Biancheria: mobile crisis team where?
Rodrigues: provided service to students who are in great emotional distress
intervention within school time
most go to UMass to be hospitalized
Biancheria: increasing AP courses
moving forward on vocational education: "interest of students to continue with school and finding the idea that makes them want to be there every day"
"gives them a pathway"
AVID: brings in partners and that's great
PD: have a number of substitutes: suggestions on how we can, especially for long term substitutes
a number of concerns on MCAS and PARCC: judging about schools and staff
transportation: thought of owning our own buses, a future conversation that needs to be had
Worcester East Middle has a science lab: and UPCS has one: funded how?
Allen: through a block grant
Biancheria: going to compare that equipment to be sure we're on the same level
challenges with operational end of it under safety, something that I consider in process

Novick: appreciate callbacks during past few weeks
making policy in public with input from all involved: hoodie ban came out without discussion and without information. Understand concern from secondary schools on identifying students, but process needed
outstanding concern over science and social studies preparation for middle schools
arts magnet evaluation? coming this fall
recommend orientation for secondary schools for all students 
policy on FERPA, student privacy and data sharing
policy on fundraising
with Office 365: time for paperless School Committee?
Are the schools that are growing the same as past years? Allen: 3 top (Chandler El, Union Hill, Belmont St) remain
No easy place to shift? Allen: no contiguous space 
Where is Facilities Master Plan? Meeting with city first week of October
Compliments on student printouts to be checked and sent back (no identical cards!)
new books in classrooms
new windows, especially with heat wave; makes a huge difference in how the building looks as well
free lunch, revolutionalized mornings, opening up to parents who haven't previously considered
IB program planning: we're working on new things
every kid, every day

Jenkins: SAT day was a success on the weekends, even better during the day
AVID in elementary would be great to set up
AP mindset at South
free lunch and breakfast: milk costs 50 cents

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