Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Science and Tech standards: Board of Ed

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You might remember that these were presented last time and basically Peyser rebelled.
Chester thanks Sagan, Peyser, Noyce
"much improved"
won't ask to vote to send them out to comment; intend to come back in October to send out to comment
McKenna: can we get a copy to show changes?
Backed up by Willyard
Chester: can provide with existing standards
McKenna: no, standards provided in spring, and these
Peyser: also had mapping of process

includes state assessment "boundaries"
crosswalks and additions/deletions
also crosses with ELA and math standards
request will be for vote to solicit public comment at October meeting
vote to adopt in January

Noyce: have done a tremendous job of responding to concerns about the way that things were being presented
messages to the field: not "don't assess" but "we're not going to assess"
how the frameworks are going to be presented and supported in the field
will mesh will with ELA and math frameworks

Peyser: hope next weeks are chance to engage with material
"make sure we're covering all our bases"
don't think have changed architecture and purpose
balance between memorization of every detail and step and then there's having sufficient vocabulary as a student to talk about it
getting the balance right

McKenna: asks for material requested shortly after this Board meeting
Sagan asks for it in a week

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