Thursday, September 17, 2015

Parking at May Street

O'Connell: look at the issue and try to do something for May Street and work with Temple Emanuel
talk to city officials, and Worcester State officials
city to take some innovative steps
Worcester State proactive and cooperative
some flexibility to have the May Street
hold the item for the next meeting, so close to having the solution
give that plan a chance to be fleshed out over the next few weeks
Foley: glad Mr. O'Connell modified his referral
needs a much longer discussion
"we have no jurisdiction on this"
work with City Manager, May Street, Worcester State, work on equitable solution
an awful lot going on around there
make sure the superintendent has our endorsement on working to go forward
Petty: CM quipped that he had a plan and no one wanted to hear it
Biancheria: give credit to our city manager
have a number of schools that have parking issues
take our best ideas and use at other sites

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