Wednesday, September 9, 2015


Superintendent Boone:
look forward to being here in September and talk about what's exciting and connect with you
throughout the year, members of the district leadership team will be here
CPPAC expo: see programs showcased, give parents a chance to see what's going on
"Great opening of schools"
today was tenth day of school
had heat issues last week as well as this week: principals pay attention to the conditions; water available to all students;
situations in particular schools with windows being replaced
use DPH guidelines on heat and humidity: have never reached that
have had uncomfortable areas
"if we send the students home, we send them in many cases to conditions similar to where they were leaving"
very pleased with what's happening in our schools
monitoring enrollment numbers: enrollment increases after Labor Day
look at enrollment by classroom and by school
report to SC next year on general trend on enrollment
MSBA projects done this summer: West Tatnuck, Clark Street, Union Hill
windows still left to be done at Goddard being done overnight and evening
"see what a real difference that new windows and doors make"
Community Eligibility program: free lunch and breakfast to every child in WPS
encourage your children to participate in this program
balances will be refunded if you like
we are in this for several years; USDA supported
free and reduced lunch status used for many things
working on the quality of our meals; hired a chef last year to work on food quality
school safety: schools are safe
things sometimes happen in our schools
headlines in our schools unfortunately grow legs and tentacles and take a life their own
broad view of safety (as heat, above)
only shift was end of last year was deployment of police liaisons
in conversation with the national school resource officer association
they are not there as armed sentries, not as first line
support school administration when called upon
two additional officers for 7-12 schools and middle schools
"very exciting with what has happened with our liaisons"
school safety audit: review policies, practices, and procedures to see what we're doing well and where there are gaps
we have a number of steps in place
date has closed on RFPs, then reviews take place
15 of our schools (1/3) will be reviewed; schools in every segment and type
all to be reviewed
addressing safety in a broad based and authorative manner
IB school: leadership position is posted, will be named soon
International Baccalaureate program to be put in place
Still figuring out where to put it for now; affiliated with Doherty, still looking at space options
FY16: delegation aided us in returning the Quality Kindergarten grant, funding 22 of our IAs in kindergarten
balanced budget based on enrollment growth
"do we have everything we need? Absolutely not."
end of staffing that we held for enrollment
waiting for Foundation Budget Review Commission coming out in November
what will they recommend to the Governor and Legislature
"strongly urge you to stay tuned into the Foundation Budget Review Commission"
will take voice of parents to push that
Central Mass Recovery High School: opiate issue is not demographic specific
only region of the state that did not have a recovery high school was central Mass
took at long time for the state to issue the RFR
opened on August 26 the first recovery high school
students to suggest some names for the school
ribbon cutting coming this fall
"not one of those places where if you slip, we put you out"
going back into the recovery mode
a health crisis, see it across all demographics
opiate addiction through athletic injury and availability in the home
majority of students enrolled have been through organizations providing care or direct referral by families

CPPAC note: it always meets the second Wednesday of the month at 7 pm. Generally meetings are at the Worcester Public Library. For October, however, CPPAC will be hosting a forum for the candidates for School Committee, place TBA.

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