Thursday, September 3, 2015

Student representative

Walker (Doherty):
Senior class last day changed
Boone: last year went through the coordinated program review with the state
"it seemed to be an awful long time between the seniors last day and the last day of school"
state found that we were short days
making up snow days: "we're going to sit back and see what the state says"
"going to pray that it's not an issue"

Jenkins (South High)
"it was received poorly from students"
I'll let my fellow students know
"appreciate that greatly"
concerned about the hoodie policy
"to try to prevent hidden faces...outcry of the student body"
"this policy is likely not to be as accepted by the students right away"
"very similar to that of the outdoor jacket policy"
students already wearing hoodies to school; protest to wear hoodies to school
rumors that homecoming was cancelled: mention to principals that this was done
Boone: you answered the question I had on homecoming
"as far as the hoodie issue, we've been around that several times"
Rodrigues: two weeks ago, met with all principals and assistant principals, one of the themes was students who are not obeying protocol of not having hoods down, not where they should be; principals were concerned about that
has come to my attention that a couple of schools have said that students could wear the sweatshirt to school, but not in school
"not one of the items that is forbidden within the policy handbook"
Jenkins: we were informed of the policy on the first day of school
many students come to school only wearing hoodies, especially young women
school programs that sold hoodies, National Honor Society wear them with pride
"they understand the policy of the school, but they feel this is unfair"

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