Friday, September 4, 2015

School Redesign Grant for Elm Park

Vote to accept $441,717 (federal funds) for Elm Park's turnaround
Novick: is this the full amount we were expecting?
Boone: No. Applied for the full cost of redesign, state came to us and told us to ask for less
(per the letter, WPS applied for $3,744,722 over a maximum of five years; we're receiving $1.3M in total)
Allen: on par with amount we received for other turnaround schools, rest for those schools covered by Race to the Top, then transferred to Title I grant. Rest of Elm Park costs to be covered by Title I grant which has gone up
Novick: also troubled that we are forced to pay $21,500 of the grant for a state-required monitoring visit by an outside agency; they require it, we pay for it
Boone: we agree
Passed unanimously

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