Sunday, September 27, 2015

Accountability meets this week

The Standing Committee on Accountability and Student Achievement has its first meeting since May of 2014 this week. On the agenda:

School accountability plans! Per Mass General Law, we do not approve school improvement plans, but we may review them. This week, in our periodic sampling, we are looking at the plans for Burncoat High School, Claremont Academy, and Forest Grove Middle School.

Secondary school start times! We have a BOATLOAD of backups on this (so just check out the link to the main agenda, above). For those following this, know that we have an item on it in EACH standing committee right now, and the idea is to review the research here first, then to move to the "how would it work/how much would it cost" in TLSS and F&O, and then (if we get there) move it to "what needs to change" in Governance.

Testing audit! It turns out that we've done some work on this: we have a report on student assessment done in house and we have the results of a WPS teacher survey on this issue.

Full confession: I have as yet looked at none of this. 

That's 5:30 on Wednesday in room 410 at DAB.

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